Diabetes Australia & NDSS - Responsive websites

Two birds one stone

Having successfully developed and launched the Diabetes Australia mobile app we were commissioned to create and implement WCAG 2.0 compliant responsive websites for both Diabetes Australia and the National Diabetes Services Scheme. Using our Unifii platform meant only a single process is required to simultaneously update both the app and websites, dramatically reducing input time and use of resources.

The solution provides Diabetes Australia with a single view of a customer and the customer with a single account across all digital channels. A single team can manage all content distribution across all channels while engaging stakeholders with modern, easy to use apps and websites, viewable on any Apple, Android, legacy or desktop device.

To find out how you can easily create and deploy business applications to any user on any device using the Unifii Business Transformation Platform, contact us on 02 9913 4100 or sales@unifii.com.au

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