Fire & Rescue NSW Home Fire Safety Checks

As part of a program to enhance community safety, Fire & Rescue NSW Fire fighters go from house to house with clipboards surveying fire hazards. This information is sent to a processing unit for manual entry into their SAP system. This was a very time consuming and labour intensive exercise, prone to many data entry errors and incomplete data. The system uses our Unifii Smart Form module to deploy data gathering forms to mobile devices through an app and to desktops via web browsers. These Smart Forms are updatable instantly from the Unifii management console at any time giving them greater flexibility and control.

The application has the ability to geo-locate the user and then display all residences on an interactive map. Coloured icons are used to represent the socio-economic and census data of each residence. In this way, the fire fighter can quickly locate residences of higher risk and initiate a survey form. The Home Fire Safety Check is a world-class field force automation tool which is highly scalable and reliable which allows a mobile field force to use any Apple, Android or Microsoft device to rapidly gather data and automatically synchronise this data with FRNSW enterprise IT.

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