NSW Rural Fire Service - Pocketbook App

Redesigning a digital system that allows instant updates at any time

The design phase was challenging, the 180 page manual was re-imagined down to a seven button home screen with a maximum of three levels of sub data. An advanced search function, GPS location, map, grid and UBD referencing and advanced field calculators were also incorporated.

Instant access to critical information even offline

Our key aim was to rapidly deliver critical information to a very large number of people via smartphones, tablets and desktops using a single platform and a content management system that was easily navigated.

The app has received 4.5 star user ratings in the app store and the operational and management teams at RFS have applauded this major cultural shift towards modern, highly responsive and technologically based communication.

Tablet and responsive web versions have since been developed, managed from a common back end with a single publishing process.

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