Unifii Risk & Safety Suite:

Enterprise-wide, ISO 45001 based Safety Management System

The most fully-featured cloud-based Safety Management System available today

Unifii Risk & Safety Suite improves safety culture and compliance, digitises incident reporting and delivers comprehensive business intelligence, data visualisation and real-time reporting. It is built around the ISO 45001 methodology of Plan, Do, Check and Act which supports an enterprise-wide approach to risk and safety management.

The Unifii Risk & Safety Suite is mobile-first and able to operate on any mobile device, with offline capability if required. The Suite eliminates forever the "tick & flick" manual processes that have dominated safety management for decades. Unifii dramatically improves compliance, and puts the right information in the right hands at the right time.

Reduce your risk and improve your critical business outcomes in record time.

Enable the behaviours and culture change that you need to drive improved risk and safety outcomes across your entire enterprise.

Risk & Safety Workflows

contractor management-blue.svg
Contractor Management
incident management-blue.svg
Incident Management
injury management-blue.svg
Injury Management
Permit to Work
Risk Assessment-blue.svg
Risk Assessment
Risk Register-blue.svg
Risk Register
Visitor Management-blue.svg
Visitor Management
Action Tracker.svg
Action Tracker

The Unifii Risk & Safety Suite delivers many benefits across the entire enterprise and is designed using international best practice for Safety Management Systems. With Unifii you will deliver dramatic improvements in compliance, voluntary safe behaviours, access to data, and instant access to live risk and safety data.

Unifii Risk & Safety Suite key features include:

  • Workflows are accessible from almost any digital device
  • Ability to connect employees and contractors securely to the enterprise
  • Incredibly quick and flexible configuration to ensure that workflows precisely fit your business
  • The solution is extremely scaleable - from a single workflow to an enterprise-wide portfolio
  • Designed to adapt to any business requirement
  • Flexible licence model, with no limitations on users or data.