Unifii Operations Cloud:

Risk & Safety, Environment & Quality Solution Suites

  • Manage Risk

  • Manage Incidents

  • Manage Contractors

  • Manage Inspections and Audits

  • Manage Operational Documents

  • Manage Actions

Choose an entire operational suite or hand-pick workflows as you need them

You can choose the solution that works for your business, whether that be an entire suite or a mix of workflows picked from each. This approach means you are only paying for what you need and can also aid with incremental adoption and change management.

Expand and scale your solution based on business need, whether that is adding more pre-built features or building your own features using our simple low code approach to developing workflows and applications in record time.

Unifii’s unique architecture means you can securely give employees and contractors the access they need, by making your workflows available on their phones, tablets, ruggedised devices and laptops.

Unifii Operations Cloud can be deployed in as little as a day for standard library features. Even complex solutions that require custom configured solutions and applications can be delivered in record time.