Banking & Financial

Banking & Financial Services

Front Office Applications

Customer Service, brilliantly delivered.

Provide your customers with self-service applications that are easy to use in every digital channel. With the exceptional User Experience provided by Unifii you can make sure that customers find it easy to do business with you. Powerful workflow and data management technology gets information where it needs to go, quickly and efficiently.

Customer On-Boarding

Make it simple. Grow your business. Make your customers happy.

Remove the complexity of your customer on-boarding processes. Make it easy for your customers to enter critical data, route forms to multiple stakeholders, and complete the process in record time. Customers can upload documents, provide authority, and supply all the required information without the pain of a manual form.

Relationship Management

Personalise the experience and get to know your customers better.

Managing customer relationships is difficult without the right tools. Your customers prefer to use digital technology like mobile devices and Unifii gives you the perfect platform tools to bridge the gap between you and your customers, allowing you to build deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Advanced Messaging

All digital channels, all the time. Communication at its best.

Give your customers the option to talk with you any way they want – phone, mobile, email, txt messages or any other digital channel. Track every correspondence and automatically integrate with CRM and Core Banking. Match customer behaviours and needs with products and optimise the customer experience. Put the customer at the centre of everything you do.

New Business

Turn inbound leads into customers.

Digital channels are the best place to convert leads into customers and with Unifii you can build an exceptional User Experience channel which integrates with your core banking, CRM and other digital engagement platforms. Make it easy for new customers to experience great customer service, straight from your internet banking platform or website.

Lifecycle Management

Customers for life.

Unifii is the perfect business process management platform to support your customers as they interact with your business. Customer satisfaction increases dramatically if lifecycle management can be handled through digital channels, processes and workflows. Unifii provides an extensive, whole-of-enterprise approach that lets you manage your customers through all of your front office processes and deliver exceptional customer service at low cost.

Back Office

Turning the unseen into competitive advantage.

Streamlining back office functions in the banking and finance sector offers one of the most significant ways to improve customer satisfaction. Banking and finance processes demand very high levels of interaction with clients and massive processing overheads. Use Unifii to eliminate paper and legacy digital forms, create seamless multi-stage and multi-persona workflows and business processes and make sure that the right data is captured, processed and ingested securely, safely and rapidly.