Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement


Unifii is the perfect platform to manage customer loyalty programs. Already used by some of the largest loyalty programs in Australia, Unifii can handle huge numbers of customers, transactions and offers, delivered as a secure and scalable cloud-based service.

Customer Experience Management

Your customers expect seamless, instant access to you via any and all digital channels. Unifii delivers world-class user experience on mobile smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and wearables via apps, web apps or mobile apps. Communicate, transact and service all your customers in any digital channel while integrating with your existing IT systems such as CRM.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets provide customers with a rich set of features and functions that enhance their experience of your brand. Unifii was built from the ground up as an enterprise-ready mobile app platform, allowing control of all your apps, content, assets and integrations from a single cloud-based source.

Front Office Applications

Front office applications like customer onboarding often provide new customers with their first experience of your brand so it’s critical that your digital forms and processes are frictionless and satisfying. The Unifii BPM, workflow management system and smartform builder allows low-code front office applications to be built in record time with exceptional user experience and user interface design built in.