Digital Experience Platform

The Digital Experience Platform for the Australian Banking and Finance Industries

A new way to do business.

Modern, agile and totally digital.

The banking and finance industries are rapidly evolving into flexible, agile and totally customer-focussed businesses. Competitive advantage requires delivering services to demanding customers using digital channels. Customers are now completely digital and if you can't provide exceptional service directly to their smartphone, you're no longer competitive. Unifii DXP is the first Digital Experience Platform designed and built for the Australian banking and finance industry with a strong focus on regulatory compliance, data sovereignty requirements and the demands of the modern customer.

All digital channels. One platform.

Manage your website, apps, documents and data from a single platform

The Unifii DXP is designed to eliminate the need for multiple technology stacks, vendors and data silos while providing your customers with rich user experiences and modern, streamlined business processes that work on any digital device.

Open Banking

Share Data intelligently.

The Open Banking revolution is here but most financial organisations aren't ready to support the principles of the new standards for customer service. Unifii DXP is designed to support Open Banking by integrating with CRM, Core Banking and other technology services to deliver rich content and data to your customers, on demand and on any digital device.

In the Cloud, Of the Cloud.

Secure. Agile. Reliable. Redundant.

The Unifii DXP is complete cloud solution, delivered "as-a-service" to Australian banking and finance companies. Using the Australian Onshore AWS infrastructure, Unifii DXP is designed and built to take advantage of the best cloud hosting, storage and data management system in the world, completely unmatched for features, performance, security and reliability.

Relationships are everything

Support the best possible customer relationship with Unifii DXP

One-to-one customer relationships are now not only possible, they're essential. Supporting strong customer relationships is core to the Unifii DXP and a suite of powerful business applications designed to support and enable your Relationship Managers are front and centre of our application design.

Document Management System

Prepare and Distribute documents on demand.

Many digital core banking systems don't provide you with the document management creation, distribution and storage functionality that you need to support exceptional customer service. The Unifii DXP includes advanced document management technology to manage the entire customer-facing document process, as well as distribution of documents to customers in digital channels. Documents can be stored in a data lake as well as pushed seamlessly to your CRM.

Front Office Applications

Customer Service, brilliantly delivered.

Provide your customers with self-service applications that are easy to use in every digital channel. With the exceptional User Experience provided by Unifii you can make sure that customers find it easy to do business with you. Powerful workflow and data management technology gets information where it needs to go, quickly and efficiently.

Customer On-Boarding

Make it simple. Grow your business. Make your customers happy.

Remove the complexity of your customer on-boarding processes. Make it easy for your customers to enter critical data, route forms to multiple stakeholders, and complete the process in record time. Customers can upload documents, provide authority, and supply all the required information without the pain of a manual form.

An integrated digital KYC solution

Identify your customers in record time

Secure and reliable KYC processes are a critical part of bringing on new customers and with the Unifii DXP, the KYC process can be managed natively in a digital onboarding process that can be integrated into your website.