Emergency Services

Emergency Service Organisations (ESOs)

Public Awareness and Engagement

A key role for emergency service organisations is to provide a platform for public awareness and education. Through the Unifii Digital Engagement Platform, organisations can manage all their digital channels from a single platform, allowing the rapid publishing and distribution of any digital content for any audience.

Large Scale Operations Applications

Large scale operations are often required for emergency services during times of extreme weather events, natural or man-made disasters. Connecting all stakeholders including front line personnel, leadership teams, and the public is made easy with Unifii, extending existing radio and data networks into digital channels.

Information Distribution

Getting the right information to the right people, at the right time, is critical for operational risk management of emergency service organisations. Unifii lets you create, and deploy information easily and get it to where it’s needed. Whether it is standard operating procedures, risk and safety management, regulatory updates or human resource management, Unifii already connects ESOs with very large field forces and makes the process inexpensive, highly responsive and very powerful.

Process Automation

ESOs traditionally have a heavy reliance on paper-based processes to move large amounts of information around. The Unifii Digital Transformation Platform and Digital Experience Platform can automate hundreds of paper processes and ensure that the underlying business processes are efficient, distributed to every corner of the organisation and connect to any stakeholder on any device.

Agency Integration

Communication and data sharing between ESOs during times of crisis and major operational events is mission critical. Traditionally, there is a large reliance on radio networks, existing data networks and legacy applications. Unifii allows a modern digital architecture to sit on top of the existing infrastructure and dramatically enhance the integration and sharing of information, business applications, workflow and data between agencies.

Location-aware Applications

Modern digital devices like smartphones, intrinsically safe devices and IoT-enabled devices are location aware and Unifii natively collects and interprets location data and incorporates it into advanced business applications and workflow tools. Geo location can reduce risk, enhance operational reach and efficiency, and enable new types of applications to be deployed.

Risk and Safety

Unifii is used by leading Risk and Safety organisations to reduce operational risk and promote value creation by deploying digital risk and safety applications, business processes, data capture and integration capability. Unifii can be used in large scale operational and industrial environments to promote safety and reduce risk, and can integrate with existing safety management systems. Alternatively, Unifii can be deployed as a stand-alone digital safety management system which is ISO 45001 compliant.

Reporting and Business Intelligence.

Digital systems are great at collecting vast amounts of primary, secondary and meta data but managing these enormous streams of information can be difficult, if not impossible, using legacy IT systems and manual processes. Unifii has been designed from the ground up to manage extremely large amounts of data from differing sources and make the information available in the form of advanced data analytics, and business intelligence, delivered through reports, live dashboards and other easy-to-consume management systems.


After an incident has occurred, it is critical to conduct timely investigations, gather evidence and data, and prepare reports for internal audiences, regulators and government institutions such as the Coroner or Medical Examiner. Unifii provides a secure, scalable and highly flexible platform to allow field investigators to collect evidence, photographs, recordings, and execute business processes, while storing the information securely on-device, in transit and in the hosted environment. This allows a highly efficient and effective investigation process that preserves the correct chain of evidence and will stand up to legal scrutiny.