Field Operations

Field Operations

Field Service Management

Seamlessly connect with your people, wherever they are.

Connect with your team in the field to vastly improve process efficiency, safety, operational risk management and to provide increased agility. Build business applications that provide unprecedented access to data, business intelligence and new ways of working. Integrate with existing systems or build entirely new ones. Unifii is an outstanding digital solution for field service management, designed using modern technology architecture and industry best practice.

Process Automation

Eliminate Paper, forever.

The Unifii Digital Transformation Platform empowers your enterprise to get rid of paper processes once and for all. Automate workflows, build and deploy forms in minutes, connect to your data sources and radically improve process execution across your entire field force. Incorporate IoT data, GPS tracking, advanced asset management technology and bring it all together in a single, integrated, unified system.

Risk, Safety and Compliance

Protect Value, Create Value.

Risk and safety systems help to build a safer workforce culture. Unifii provides you with a comprehensive in-field safety management system designed using international best-practice. Completely aligned with ISO 45001, Unifii provides all the necessary tools to manage risk, improve safety and drive value creation across your enterprise. Use the Unifii BI tools to understand the total level of operational risk across your entire enterprise and do it in real time.

HR Management

Your people are your greatest asset.

Business Processes and information underpin almost all aspects for human resource management. Unifii brings your people together in a single system across the enterprise and then makes it easy to communicate and transact with them in real time. Unifii BI, workflow and process automation tools make it easy to build HR processes and to get the information where it needs to be in real time.


Manage your logistics at the speed of light.

Managing the flow of information across your logistics operation is critical to maintain productivity and efficiency. Unifii gives you the power to connect your people, assets, and physical resources and make sure that the right data is accessible by the right people at the right time.

Employee and Contractor On-boarding

Get your people working, faster.

The on-boarding process is critical to almost all organisations and is an essential way to ensure that employees and contractors are properly assessed and certified prior to starting work. Unifii provides a powerful bi-directional workflow to ensure that every new employee or contractor is provided with the necessary information prior to commencement, and that all mandatory documents, IDs, SWMs, licences and tickets are captured, assessed and securely stored.

Site Induction

Making sites safer for your people.

Ensuring that every person working on-site is properly inducted is the first step in promoting a safe working environment. The Unifii platform delivers site induction material with exceptional user experience on any mobile or desktop device and can easily manage compliance, assessment, and authorisation through advanced workflows that include notifications, dashboards and compliance reporting.

Permit to Work

Manage your PtW processes with ease.

Permit to Work has become the standard compliance tool for organisations wishing to reduce their risk and improve their productivity. Unifii PTW is a fully digital platform that connects employees, contractors, site supervisors, and managers together in a single, seamless platform. Unifii PTW eliminates the need for paper forms and provides advanced workflow, notification, reporting and dashboarding to provide instant feedback on the flow of work on a single site or across many sites.

Incident Management

Manage Incident Reporting in real time.

When incidents happen on site it is essential that all the details are captured immediately and that proper procedures are followed. Unifii ensures that your people have the tools they need to record information, capture photos, and report any incidents as they occur. Advanced workflow and business process management also mean that the right people know what's happening at the right time, anywhere in your business.