Service Delivery

The digital channel is now the primary way that constituents expect to deal with government services, and smartphones are the front line. Unifii connects existing IT systems with customers through any digital channel while maintaining security, workflow and process integrity. Unifii also delivers exceptional user experience to any user and provides a platform for rapid development and deployment of any business process.

Customer Relationship Management

Unifii provides a massively scalable digital front end for your existing CRM system. Many CRM systems are not easily configured or customised to provide advanced business process applications to your customers, nor do they deliver exceptional user experience. Unifii bridges the gap between your system of record and your customer, with easy low-code development of forms and business processes and instant deployment in every digital channel.

Policy Engagement

The quickest and easiest way to communicate government policy and regulations is through the digital channel. Unfortunately, just updating your website doesn’t guarantee that you’ll connect with your stakeholders. Unifii provides an entirely new suite of digital tools with which you can communicate and transact with your constituents and customers, quickly, easily, inexpensively and at scale.

Process Automation

Manual, paper-based processes are time consuming, very expensive and prone to error. Unifii’s advanced process automation technology allows you to transform your old processes into integrated digital smartforms, workflows and advanced business processes. Unifii handles multi-party workflows, advanced messaging and multi-threaded processes while maintaining exceptional user experience and data validation to reduce or eliminate errors.

Front Office Applications

Traditional approaches to IT mean that front office applications are built on the back end and pushed to the user, often costing lots of money and time. Unifii changes the approach to application development by allowing front office applications to be developed independent of IT systems, delivered to the user in any digital channel and then integrated into the system of record from our low-code, drag-and-drop development environment. This means extremely rapid development and deployment of front office applications at low cost, while maintaining data integrity.

Back Office Applications

Government agencies process vast amounts of information and Unifii can provide a streamlined business process management tool with exceptional user experience and bi-directional integration into large scale systems like SAP. Unifii can eliminate paper-based processes, integrate with messaging platforms and provide advanced workflows and routing of information, leading to much greater process efficiency, accuracy and throughput.

Large Scale Event Management

Unifii provides an exceptional platform for managing communication for large scale events. Unifii has been used for large scale events including the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Review (the largest harbour-based event in history), Vivid Sydney, and Philip Island Penguin Parade to manage vast numbers of users, content and transactions.

Risk Management

Unifii is the perfect platform to manage the information and communication aspects of risk management, whether it is HR related, operational or financial risk. The Unifii platform provides a platform that can reach all stakeholders to gather information in real time about emerging risks and consolidate the data so that comprehensive reporting and dashboards can present risk information in real time.