Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry

Infield data capture

Deploying digital forms, applications and workflows to the field provides enormous productivity gains and access to data which was previously impossible to achieve. Unifii seamlessly connects your entire workforce through modern digital devices including smartphones, ruggedized tablets and intrinsically safe digital devices.

Process Automation

Most enterprises are stuck with paper-based safety and risk management processes which are time consuming, inefficient, subject to poor compliance and unable to provide real time access to data. Unifii provides exceptional process automation capability which can combine digital forms with workflow, BPM, notifications and system integration to turn old, paper processes into modern, efficient and highly effective digital processes.

Risk and Safety

Connect all your people, including employees and contractors, in a single, scalable Operational Risk Management platform that can be deployed across your entire enterprise with support for multiple sites, and multiple business units. Share data, critical events, safety processes and workflows in real time. Manage the flow of information through advanced reporting and dashboarding capability.


Unifii automates even your most complex compliance, audit and risk inspection processes and provides the right information to the right people, on location where the work happens. Data is instantly centralised, processed and reported leading to a dramatic minimisation of work risk and exception management.


Digitally-enabled Personal Protective Equipment holds enormous promise to help reduce rick and increase safety on industrial sites. Unifii can create advanced networks of SmartPPE and incorporate the data generated by these systems into advanced workflows, business processes and the Unifii Notification Engine to provide real-time data analytics and safety management.


IoT is rapidly changing the industrial landscape and Unifii handles machine-generated data natively. Unifii can handle massive IoT data streams and integrate them seamlessly into executable business processes, delivered to in-field digital devices or for management in the site office. By integrating IoT data in this way, you can unlock their potential using advanced business intelligence and data analytics as well as real-time processing of business applications.

Geo-aware applications

The Unifii platform utilises spatial and geo awareness technology, which means that location data can be incorporated into workflow, business processes and advanced business applications. Spatial and geo awareness can be used to increase process efficiency, reduce risk, provide a much higher awareness of work practices and real-time risk as well as decreasing overall risk.

Permit to Work

Permit to Work has become the standard compliance tool for organisations wishing to reduce their risk and improve their productivity. Unifii PTW is a fully digital platform that connects employees, contractors, site supervisors, and managers together in a single, seamless platform. Unifii PTW eliminates the need for paper forms and provides advanced workflow, notification, reporting and dashboarding to provide instant feedback on the flow of work on a single site or across many sites.

Environment-aware applications

Real time environmental data is invaluable to reduce risk and enhance business process efficiency in industrial environments. Unifii can natively processes real-time machine data and embed environmental information into business processes and workflows or can be used to trigger additional business processes, reporting or risk management practices. Unifii allows you and your people to form a comprehensive view of the industrial work environment and use this data to make the workplace safer and more efficient.