Relationship Management

Customers expect an easy and intuitive experience every time that they deal with you, preferably using a digital device like a smartphone, tablet or desktop. The Unifii Digital Experience Platform provides insurance and financial organisations a secure digital platform that brings all of your relationship management channels together, with secure handling of documents and personal information. Unifii provides a single platform to handle email, messaging systems and webforms, with secure multi-stage workflow, multiple users and KYC processes.

Customer Onboarding

Onboarding customers should be easy but for most insurance and financial services businesses, legacy technology and a lack of access to modern digital channels makes it cumbersome for customers and staff alike. Unifii streamlines the onboarding process and provides instant and secure workflow solutions to ensure that the right information flows instantly to the right place so that you can get on with doing business.

Document Generation and Routing

Sending paper to customers should be a thing of the past. Digital workflow and document generation are key ingredients of a modern engagement process, which is much faster and more efficient, and a superior experience for the customer.

Process Automation

It’s time to eliminate paper from your organisation. Unifii makes it easy to create fully digital business applications, workflow and points of integration with existing IT systems of record. Even if you have a legacy system which doesn’t allow you to create digital forms and workflows, Unifii provides a rapid business process design and deployment platform that lets you get rid of paper processes once and for all.

Front Office Applications

The web is where most people want to do business. Customers don’t want to fill in endless paper forms and they don’t want clumsy PDF documents to slow them down. Unifii provides a secure and APRA-compliant front office application platform to digitise all your customer-facing business processes and forms and manage the flow of data around your organisation.

Back Office Applications

Unifii is the perfect platform for internal business processes, whether they be for processing customer data or managing workflow for HR, sales, finance, customer service or any other part of the business value chain. The Unifii Digital Transformation Platform provides a single system upon which you can build and manage all your internal processes, workflows and users.

Broker Management and Integration

Managing third party sales agents and brokers is a critical part of the insurance and financial services industry, but managing the flow of business processes and information outside your organisation has always been difficult. The Unifii Platform can connect all your brokers, agents and customers in a single ecosystem where information can flow without impediment using smartforms, multi-user business processes and workflows.

Reporting and Compliance

For any business operating in a regulated market environment, Unifii can help manage the flow of data into intelligent reporting and compliance processes so that meeting reporting and compliance obligations is rapid and easy to achieve.