Operational Risk Management

Digital Operational Risk Management Platform

Don't just protect value, create value.

Unite your people in a single Operational Risk Management solution.

Most risk and safety systems rely on antiquated, paper-based processes and a single, mammoth back-end system that prevents real-time data sharing, stymies innovation and buries your team in mountains of paperwork. Unifii ORM is a modern, agile and totally digital system that brings all your people together in one place. This means access to rich data, real-time decision support, and management of risks before they turn into disasters. It also means that your enterprise can turn risk management into value creation by eliminating waste, improving efficiency and effectiveness and by inventing entirely new ways of working.

The Digital Ecosystem to manage risk.

Connect with every part of your enterprise.

Modern digital technology, including smartphones and tablets, as well as intrinsically safe and ruggedised industrial tablets, make it easy to deploy paperless processes to every part of your operation. Every factory, field operation, distribution centre, warehouse and office space can be connected so that you can measure and manage your risk across the entire value chain. Unifii ORM works on the road, in offline environments and is completely geo-aware. As processes are completed, data is captured and is available for immediate data analytics.

The Rise of the Machines.

IoT and Connected machines to enhance workplace safety

Data-enabled devices and machinery represent an opportunity to measure and manage your operational risk in ways never before possible. Unifii ORM connects with IoT devices and machinery, and allows live data to be incorporated into dynamic business processes. Unifii ORM is also location aware in both the micro and macro environment. Locate your people and measure the operational environment, and make the right information available to the right people at the right time.

ISO 45001

Best practice Operational Risk Management

Unifii ORM has been developed so that any enterprise who is seeking ISO45001 compliance and certification can implement a complete digital risk and safety management platform that aligns with the international standard for work practices, business systems and reporting.

Data Analytics

Measure, report and analyse in real time, across the entire enterprise.

Most risk and safety systems in the world today are based on rigid, paper-based processes that are decades old. Reporting is a difficult and time consuming process based on old data. Often, it is only after an incident has occurred that poor work practices and unacceptable risk is identified. Unifii ORM is designed to support massive quantities of real-time data from the operational environment, which can be integrated, consolidated, analysed and presented in meaningful intelligent ways to any stakeholder. This means that risk managers anywhere in the enterprise have access to the information they need to make better decisions and reduce risk.

Endless Applications

All your risk and safety processes in once place

Unifii ORM lets you design, configure and deploy an endless number of risk and safety digital applications and business processes to any worker, anywhere in your enterprise. All the standard applications are supported as well as entirely new ones that were previously impossible to build. Unifii ORM is highly configurable, which means that your applications conform to your enterprise, not the other way around.

Standard applications include:

  • Risk and Safety inspection
  • Safety Packs, Induction, Take 5, Startup Checks, and Permit to Work
  • Incident Reporting, Management and Investigation
  • Safe Work Method Statements (creation and deployment, assessment and management)
  • Learning and Training Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Internet of Things and Machine Data integration
  • Culture Health Checks
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • SOP deployment and management
  • Geo-aware applications