Risk & Safety

Risk & Safety

A modern, flexible and powerful Safety Management System

ASA4801 and ISO45001 Compliance out of the box.

Most Safety Management Systems on the market today were designed years ago before mobile digital technology and modern system architecture was around. Unifii reaches all your users, wherever they are, on any device and delivers compliance with the appropriate standards.

Permit to Work

Digital PtW, delivered to all your workers and contractors.

Permit to Work has become the standard compliance tool for organisations wishing to reduce their risk and improve their productivity. Unifii PTW is a fully digital platform that connects employees, contractors, site supervisors, and managers together in a single, seamless platform. Unifii PTW eliminates the need for paper forms and provides advanced workflow, notification, reporting and dashboarding to provide instant feedback on the flow of work on a single site or across many sites.

Site Inspections

Delivered in real time on any digital device.

Conduct site inspections in real time using any digital device including ruggedized tablets, mobile phones, and intrinsically safe devices. Connect the data to your key people via business process automation and use the Unifii business intelligence tools to understand what's happening across all your sites.


Streamlined digital onboarding.

Digital onboarding using Unifii dramatically reduces costs and process times, improves accuracy, and allows data to immediately be used by other systems such as accounting, HRM or ERP. Unifii also delivers rich media content such as training videos directly to the employee or contractor so that they can review and then certify compliance. Unifii onboarding also handles document collection such as licences, SWMs, tickets and other critical certification paperwork.

Take 5/Startup Checks

Safety right from the start.

Take 5 and Startup checks are the front line tools in the battle against worksite injuries and Unifii delivers exceptionally easy-to-use digital safety applications directly to your workers and contractors for use on their own smartphones or tablets, or company-owned devices including intrinsically safe equipment.

IoT Integration

Real-time machine data and process management integration.

IoT is rapidly changing the industrial landscape and Unifii handles machine-generated data natively. Unifii can handle massive IoT data streams and integrate them seamlessly into executable business processes, delivered to in-field digital devices or for management in the site office. By integrating IoT devices in this way, you can unlock their potential using advanced business intelligence and data analytics as well as real-time processing of business applications.


Smarter, and safer.

Digitally-enabled Personal Protective Equipment holds enormous promise to help reduce rick and increase safety on industrial sites. Unifii can create advanced networks of SmartPPE and incorporate the data generated by these systems into advanced workflows, business processes and the Unifii Notification Engine to provide real-time data analytics and safety management.

Training and Learning Management

Developing skills in the field.

The Unifii Platform includes a digital experience management platform, Content Management System and Asset Management System to make it easy to create, deploy and manage training material. Using the Unifii BPM tools, your team can also build and deploy assessment tasks, staged learning and resource management. Results from assessment tasks can be directly integrated into contractor management, onboarding or permit to work systems on the Unifii Platform.

Risk Assessment

Protect value, create value.

Unifii provides every corner of your enterprise with an end-to-end digital risk assessment platform that can be used on any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer to assess every aspect of your operational risk. Advanced Business Intelligence tools and dashboards can be configured to provide near-instant risk assessment reporting and diagnostic tools which can, in turn, trigger immediate risk management or mitigation action.

Process Automation

Efficient, effective and reliable.

Most enterprises are stuck with paper-based safety and risk management processes which are time consuming, inefficient, subject to poor compliance and unable to provide real time access to data. Unifii provides exceptional process automation capability which can combine digital forms with workflow, BPM, notifications and system integration to turn those old paper processes into modern, efficient and highly effective digital processes.

Audit Compliance

Making the difficult easy.

Unifii provides the perfect audit compliance platform to empower your audit teams with the right data at the right time, delivered digitally. Unifii allows real-time process audit compliance checks as well as manual checks conducted through the advanced Unifii digital workflow and smartform engine. Unifii makes process, equipment and asset audits easy and efficient while providing exceptional data for business intelligence.

Culture Checks

Gather feedback and intelligence from the front line.

Workplace culture is a major contributor to safety and risk management. Unifii makes it easy to design and deploy culture checks to your people instantly. Measure key cultural indicators any time you like and, using the advanced user management, deploy to some or all your people in a single work area or across your entire enterprise.

Health and Wellbeing

A happier, healthier workforce.

Most modern enterprises have a health and wellbeing program but many struggle to deploy these programs because of the limited functionality of traditional web tools. Unifii empowers your enterprise to build dynamic health and wellbeing programs that are interactive, and include diagnostic tools, assessment tools, user management, reporting and data analytics.

Safety Interaction

Enabling a safer workplace.

Safety interactions are an essential part of establishing and maintaining a great safety culture. Meaningful conversations about safety, particularly if the conversation is about risky or complacent behaviour, can be difficult in the industrial environment. Unifii is a brilliant facilitator and enabler of safety interactions that promotes positive discussions about the real factors that impact workplace safety such as fatigue, corner-cutting and frustration. Unifii can provide instant data collection and feedback systems to capture intelligence while promoting safer behaviour.


Critical document management, made easy.

JSEAs and SWMs have become the standard documents of control for workplace safety. Unifii provides a standardised platform that helps workers and contractors to build JSEAs and SWMs as well as integrating these critical documents into processes such as onboarding, permit to work and contractor management systems, which can also be deployed using the Unifii platform, providing a single system for all aspects for risk and safety management.

Risk and Safety Dashboards

Real-time reporting, business intelligence and data analytics.

Unifii provides a comprehensive dashboard design and deployment feature that helps you to make sense of the mountains of data that accumulate with digital risk and safety systems and processes. Unifii is designed to handle vast amounts of raw data with ease and is highly scalable to cope with billions of data transactions. This data is available to the Unifii BI and dashboard system to provide real-time reporting on almost any combination of data sources.