Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

Process Automation

Routing live data between people, assets and management systems is mission critical for transportation and logistics operations. Unifii can being together disparate systems and extend them in ways that were previously impossible. Unifii can provide information pathways, business processes and applications that can connect to multiple existing systems that could not previously be integrated, making possible an entirely new approach to application development.

Location-aware Applications

The Unifii platform incorporates advanced location-aware capabilities which can be used in the background to measure real-time operational data or as part of user workflow. Unifii plugs in seamlessly to existing logistics systems to add IoT capability to take advantage for an entirely new class of location-aware digital devices that can track vehicles, parcels, pallets, skips and containers.

Customer Engagement

Customers expect to operate and transact in the digital world using smartphones, tablets, intrinsically safe devices and specialist hardware platforms. Customer loyalty is increasingly based on customer experience and with Unifii, you can deliver an exceptional experience in every digital channel and build entirely new business applications that save your customers time and money while increasing the flow of information and lowering risk.

Risk and Safety

The management of risk and safety is one of the highest priorities in the logistics industry and Unifii is a world-leader in digital safety management systems to help manage risk on site, and in transit. Aligned to ISO45001, the Unifii platform make it quick and easy manage risk and safety across your entire operation.

Operational Efficiency

Make your business processes and workflows efficient, paper-free and compatible with every type of digital device using Unifii. Build applications in record time and drive innovation across your business and into every interaction with customers, suppliers, partners, and regulators. Integrate with internal IT systems and with those belonging to your customers and contractors and make the flow of information effortless.