Proudly Australian

Enabling safer, more efficient and more sustainable ways of working.

Over the last decade we have witnessed wave after wave of transformative technology change the world. Smart mobile devices, cloud technology, software-as-a-service, integration and glass screen user interfaces. Each new technology on its own was significant, but together, they have changed human behaviour forever. Unifii Operations Cloud was designed to harness all of these new technologies so that we could build the world's first and most powerful digital transformation engine for operationally-focussed enterprises.

We solve people problems using technology, not the other way around.

Unifii was born from a desire to make it easier to use technology to solve business problems. For too long, technology has not been the enabler that was promised and solutions took too long, were too expensive, or made by people who didn't understand the real-world requirements of the business.

We believe that the mobile technology used by almost everyone in their lives away from work should not only be made available in the workplace, but should be harnessed to enable greatly improved access to information, workflows, and business applications. Your people are already experts at using smart devices. Why not let them translate that expertise into safer, more efficient and less costly work practices?

The Unifii Operations Cloud was designed and developed in Australia to make it faster, easier and cheaper to build software solutions that solve fundamental business problems in any part of the enterprise.

With our platform, delivered as a service, any enterprise can reach every corner of their operation, and solve people problems in entirely new ways.

The Unifii Vision.

We seek a better world in which people’s lives are improved by connecting, enabling and empowering them with technology. A connected world is much safer, more efficient, less wasteful and more productive.

The Unifii Mission.

We build connected enterprises, where people, processes and technology are brought together in one unified ecosystem, and agility and efficiency drive vastly improved outcomes for all stakeholders.

Unifii Values.

  • We put people first in every endeavour. Technology must serve people, and is never an end unto itself.

  • We must always be better and do better, and strive to create new ways to solve human challenges in the 21st century.

  • We measure our worth by the success we bring to our customers.

Unifii People and Culture.

We seek - always - to maintain a culture in which all of our people are heard, respected, trusted and valued, and discrimination and disrespect are eliminated. Professionalism, integrity, open communication and honesty are our cornerstones.