Best-in-class Enterprise Digital Transformation for Operations.

Design, Build, Deploy.

If you need to solve more complex problems, Unifii Operations Cloud is a world-class Digital Transformation Platform which includes a low-code development environment, a modern application layer that works on any mobile device, desktop computer, or ruggedised or intrinsically safe device, and over 100 other features that allow you to build Operations applications in record time and at low cost.

Unifii Operations Cloud also allows you to do what virtually no other system can do at this scale: connect to ALL your stakeholders, whether they work for you or not. Almost all enterprise IT systems assume that every stakeholder works for the enterprise, but in the real world, a significant number of your users might be contractors or work for your upstream and downstream vendors, suppliers, logistics companies, or customers. Unifii Operations Cloud connects EVERYONE together in a single system.


Mobile First User Interface

Unifii Operations Cloud works for users. Why? Because from the ground up it is designed to work in the environment of the user on the device the user has. There is nothing more irritating than trying to make a form designed for a desktop work on your mobile phone. Unifii solves this. All Unifii solutions are designed to work natively and correctly on whatever device you are using. This opens a huge range of potential when you can engage your users in the digital workflows that define their work, the workflows are designed for each user’s role and they work on the devices they use. Unifii Operations Cloud powers the elimination of paper and spreadsheets for your business processes.


Low-code engine

All solutions are built using our low code engine. This provides enormous flexibility to digitise any business process you can imagine, do it fast. The low code engine ensures that Unifii Operations Cloud solutions are not functionally constrained. So long as you understand your process, Unifii can rapidly create digital versions of your workflows for you to test and iterate to match your business needs or you work with us to configure any of our out of the box solutions to match the specifics of your business. Once your solution is in service this also allows you to rapidly make changes to your workflows and deploy them to users ensuring that the solutions in use are always current.


Analytics and Business Intelligence

With Unifii Operations Cloud you are never constrained to the reports that we offer. We know that you need to be able to interrogate your data to find insights and answer the questions your stakeholders ask. So Unifii Operations Cloud is built so that all data collected can, if required, be processed into a secure cloud hosted data lake that allows you to connect your preferred business intelligence tool directly providing a real time flow of data ready for you to build the dashboards and reports you need or extract data, for example free text fields and do your own analysis to mine for the rich insights that will allow you to improve your business.


Authentication & Membership

For digital workflows to work, security of information must be the primary consideration. Unifii Operations Cloud native user management capability allows you to control the people you invite, the roles they have, the permissions that govern what they can do and ensures that they are properly authenticated when signing in. Authentication can happen via SSO with existing active directory services you use including AD, Auth0, Okta or Unifii including Multifactor authentication. Unifii Operations Cloud will deliver to your authentication expectations now and into the future for all you user use cases.


User Management

Unifii Operations Cloud user management allows you to reach all your employees and distribute solutions to contractors and other 3rd parties ensuring that everyone who needs to use the system can. Our user management capability includes full secure user management within Unifii and/or SSO integration.


Workflow Process and Controls

Digital workflows are comprised of sections completed by a user. Unifii Operations Cloud allows you to flow the digital process between users using workflow transitions and the use of configurable buttons that form workflow controls. Through the configuration process events, conditions and activities relating to each workflow transition are defined and configured, including setting the appropriate user roles and permissions to ensure full backend data security is maintained.


Smart Forms & Data Processing

So much more than a form builder. When a user logs in our solutions know who they are and presents to them only the relevant workflow steps with options that match their role in the context of the part of the organisation they work in. This changes the user experience completely, anything the system already knows is auto populated, look-ups options become user specific, data can be looked up across a wide range of data sources, workflows written in your business language and can represent complete end to end business processes rules, including submission from one user to another for workflow step approvals.

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Notification Engine

Unifii Operations Cloud supports a vast range of event driven notifications. Notifications can be configured to match your process needs ensuring that users are made aware of actions they need to take based of system events. Our notifications engine is highly configurable allowing you define events that trigger notifications, define the mechanism for the notification, for example, e-mail, SMS, and set up timing such as action not completed within a period or an expiring document for review. With our notifications engine you can make sure you users are never unaware of actions they need to take to keep your business processes moving.


Reporting Engine

The lifeblood of every organisation is data and the ability to turn that data in reports that drive action. Using smart forms including field and workflow level data validation you ensure that the data you need is captured consistently. This data is then made available for reporting purposes. Native to Unifii we offer traditional process specific reports that provide summary statistic type information. We also provide tabular reporting that is role specific that utilises traffic light reporting to give a visual indication at the level below summary statistics flagging where action is required. This form of reporting enables the move towards proactive management of processes by providing relevant information to the right person at the right time to act and keep the processes moving. You need solutions that provide you insights to act and that is what Unifii Operations Cloud does, all in real time, on any device you are using.


Advanced Integration

The data you require to complete business workflows no longer resides in a single system and a business goal should always be to maintain single sources of master data and the need to extract, cleanse, build and analyse data sets for reporting requirements. Unifii Operations Cloud is an API driven architecture that allows you to develop complete workflows that can push and pull data from existing sources of truth. Unifii Operations Cloud then becomes your user interface allowing end to end process execution, including reporting in one place by using API’s to connect data sources and make them available to the user interface. This creates a seamless flow from an end user perspective whilst maintaining master data. This allows you to build workflows that span traditional system boundaries without the need to procure additional point solutions. This is where Unifii Operations Cloud comes into its own to create solutions you didn’t think possible.