Compliance Management

Our compliance suite includes Document Management, ISO45001 Audits, Risk Control Audits, Workplace Inspections, Chain of Responsibility, Contractor Management and Permit to Work.


Compliance management is a critical aspect of business operations, ensuring that organisations adhere to relevant laws and regulations. The challenges associated with compliance management are multifaceted and include the complexity and constant evolution of regulations, which can pose difficulties in staying updated and aligned with diverse requirements across jurisdictions. Businesses often grapple with resource constraints, both in terms of personnel and financial capabilities, hindering their ability to implement robust compliance programs. The intricacies of data security and privacy compliance, along with the need to manage risks within supply chains and enforce compliance throughout the organisation, add layers of complexity.

Unifii Operations Cloud provides a robust technology solution to help manage compliance and alleviate these challenges. Our platform offers automation tools for routine tasks, efficient data management and analytics, and platforms for real-time regulatory intelligence updates. Being a cloud-based solution provides a single source for compliance data, enhancing collaboration among geographically dispersed teams. Access to quality data facilitates identifying patterns and potential risks and enables action to drive improvement.

Leveraging technology as part of your comprehensive approach, along with committing to ongoing employee training, moves you towards a proactive and adaptive compliance culture. Successfully managing compliance not only safeguards an organisation from legal and financial risks but also contributes to its reputation, operational efficiency, and sustainable growth in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Unifii Operations Cloud offers ready-to-go solutions for common challenges faced in compliance management in operations or can work with you to configure solutions specific to your needs. Our compliance management solutions include automation tools, efficient data management and analytics, and platforms for real-time regulatory intelligence updates.

Our Compliance Management Solution includes:

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Document Management

Unifii Operations Cloud Document Management Module ensures that system users, including front-line workers always have access to the latest version of applicable documents and that the organisation can maintain version control. Taking advantage of our mobile first approach and user management capability means that all your workers can access the documents they need, wherever they are on desktop and mobile devices. Our ability to upload and publish means that the correct versions of documents are the only versions that are available.

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Audits assist organisations to identify strengths, compliance gaps and systemic weaknesses providing valuable insights to learn and improve. When done well audits increase an organisation’s ability to be proactive in managing, reducing risk and operating cost savings. Based on ISO45001 Unifii Operations Cloud audit module provides you with an audit tool to assess the effectiveness of 1) your health and safety management system and 2) your critical risk controls.

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Workplace inspections are an essential tool to help identify hazards, problems, and risks in the workplace. Consistent workplace inspections focused on items relevant to your workplace help you ensure a safe place to work whilst fostering the engagement of your workforce. Unifii Operations Cloud Workplace Inspection Module offers you a digital inspection checklist that allows you to define the inspections you need for your work environment. Using a consistent approach with real time reporting allows you to see the trend in inspection score and maintain the standard you seek in your work environment.

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Chain of Responsibility

Our Chain of Responsibility solution allows you to have digital workflows and reporting in place, accessible via mobile devices that allows you to ensure that all aspects of chain of responsibility, such as daily vehicle prestarts are being carried out as expected. The real-time flow of information allows you to identify gaps in the process and address them improving your ability to prevent incidents and demonstrate you have met your compliance requirements. The capabilities of Unifii Operations Cloud allows you to push these digital processes far down the supply chain in a consistent way.

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Contractor Management

Our Contractor Management solution supports meeting your Health and Safety Compliance requirements with contractors who do work on your sites and are external to existing technology infrastructure. Unifii Operations Cloud allows you to extend your digital workflows to your contractors with the security you need, massive efficiency gains by eliminating paper and a step change towards meeting compliance requirements.

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Permit to Work

Our digital Permit to Work solution delivers efficiency gains, safety improvement and improved compliance for high-risk activities. Our solution eliminates the need for paper in the permit process, allows rapid set up and approval of permits in advance of day of work and when combined with contractor management workflows, ensure that everyone, including contractors, involved with permits meets all the compliance requirements to execute high-risk work.