Digital Operations Management that helps you to improve your enterprise.

Our Operations Management Suite of digital processes, including asset management, allows you to progressively eliminate paper and spreadsheets leading to efficiency gains and higher reliability and quality of data.


Effective Operations Management requires you to optimise the time spent on value-adding activities and continuously seek ways to enhance quality or reduce costs. However, routine tasks like paperwork, tracking document revisions, securing approvals, and updating asset details in spreadsheets contribute minimally to organizational value. Neglecting these tasks, though, can result in compliance issues and significant risks.

A prevalent issue is that existing technology solutions cannot adapt quickly enough to keep pace with business changes, or are too expensive to modify. This often leaves businesses stuck, knowing how to improve but constrained by their systems' inflexibility, leading to manual workarounds that fail to add value. Businesses need a solution that is flexible, captures essential data, and makes it readily available in real-time.

Unifii Operations Cloud addresses these challenges. Our Operations Management suite enhances efficiency across vital operational processes and is accessible on any device, anywhere. Its configurable nature ensures it meets individual user needs, enabling the collection and analysis of quality data to drive significant improvements and keep teams focused on value creation.

Our platform also includes digital workflows for Health and Safety, Compliance Management, and Sustainability, along with Asset Management, Daily Toolbox Talks, Equipment and Vehicle Prestarts. It allows for the rapid digitalization of any operational process through a customizable approach, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline operations.

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Asset Management

Unifii Operations Cloud Asset Management Module is the perfect solution for organisations looking to transition away from a manual, excel-based asset management solution to a system-based solution that can be applied consistently across your organisation.

Our solution allows you to establish an asset register, plan maintenance and establish maintenance schedules, organise who is completing maintenance, record maintenance carried out and keep records to enable monitoring of asset performance. Our asset management module also allows you to link assets in other digital work flows such as incidents, hazards, inspections, audits enabling insights such as which assets have the highest rate of incidents.