Sustainability Management for the modern enterprise.

Meet all your regulatory and compliance obligations from a single platform.


As sustainability standards tighten and evolve into regulations, and the need to manage enterprise risk grows, Environment Sustainability and Governance (ESG) and Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) are becoming business functions that you cannot escape.

For most enterprises, ESG and GRC meeting internal and external reporting requirements has become extremely challenging due to the difficulty in finding the correct data, collating that information and then turning it into a compliance report. Furthermore, the lack of accuracy, reliability and transparency evident in the reporting from many enterprises is attracting increasing scrutiny from investors and regulators.

In fact, in the sustainability space, many investors now demand that you provide them the raw data so that they can do their own calculations.

Safety regulators are demanding that you maintain visibility up the entire length of your supply chain, which often means liaising with upstream manufacturers with whom you have no relationship.

As a result organisations are rapidly establishing new systems, defining new procedures and employing resources collect, analyse, and report the necessary ESG and GRC data.

Most of the data required exists already somewhere in your business, however you simply don’t have the integrated technology solutions that allows critical operational data to collaboratively flow amongst the stakeholders who need it in real time.

Unifii Operations Cloud offers you a technology solution that allows you to efficiently capture and process data in real time reducing the need for valuable resources to focus on spreadsheets, data collation and report generation, and allowing them instead to put their skills to use to define and implement programs to manage risk and sustainable operations.

Our platform not only allows you to design and deploy all the workflows and business processes you need to report ESG and GRC, it will also allow you to natively connected to any and all your other business processes, anywhere in your enterprise, and even extend to your suppliers, contractors and partners. Using Unifii Operations Cloud allows you to also progress your digital transformation.

Talk to us about how our ESG and/or GRC solutions could help with your sustainability journey.

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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Unifii Operations Cloud ESG solution provides three critical capabilities:

  • Material Issues Management allowing the determination of current material issues and the automated building of your materiality matrix, with the ongoing ability to keep it current.

  • ESG Management tool for the ongoing tracking, reporting and auditing of your ESG program and progress.

  • The capability to integrate systems and deploy new workflows that connect your business where none exist today.

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Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC)

Unifii Operations Cloud provides you a technology solution that can be rapidly configured to match your enterprise risk management framework. Our solution allows you to identify, assess, treat, and manage risk within the boundaries of your governance framework (for example applicable laws and regulations and risk appetite) including monitoring and improving control effectiveness. With a powerful technology solution in place our solution allows you to spend time providing strong leadership to take a risk-based approach to manage your organisation.