Health and Safety Management done right.

Our Health & Safety Management solution, delivered as Software as a Service to any type of digital device, is perfect to digitise your health and safety management systems. Using best practices based on the ISO standards, the system covers the complete range of requirements, while integrating with other systems such as ERP, Contractor Management and Vendor Management.

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The Health and Safety solution designed to work in the context of your business, reaching all your people, design to be user friendly with intuitive workflows.

The Unifii Operations Cloud Health & Safety Suite enables the implementation and maintenance of a complete Health & Safety management system. The focus on the ability to deploy to all users in the context of your business, intuitive user interface and user friendliness enhances the effectiveness of your management system and its ability to achieve its intended outcomes.

Per ISO 45001 the effectiveness and efficiency of and Health & Safety management system is defined by how well it allows you to take early action to address opportunities for improvement of Health & Safety performance.

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Critical to participation in any system is the ability to access the system. The Unifii Operations Cloud Health & Safety Suite is designed first and foremost to be accessible on the devices your people use. This gives you the ability to take critical Health & Safety processes and information to where your people work eliminating the need for paper or delays in system entries because of needing to get back to a desk.

The design principle of the Unifii solution is providing users access to the information, insights, and data to take early action.

Configured to the specific needs of your organisation the Unifii Operations

Cloud Health & Safety Suite enables:

  • Top management leadership, commitment, responsibilities, and accountability vs a compliance driven reporting system.

  • Top management developing, leading, and promoting a culture in the organisation that supports the intended outcomes of the Health & Safety management system.

  • Communication.

  • Consultation and participation of workers.

  • Single source of truth for Health & Safety policies, procedures, means to ensure that day to day business processes are aligned to requirements of policies.

  • Effective process(es) for identifying hazards, controlling Health & Safety risks, and taking advantage of Health & Safety opportunities.

  • Continual performance evaluation and monitoring of the Health & Safety management system to improve Health & Safety performance.

  • Integration of the Health & Safety management system into the organisation’s business processes beyond those traditionally considered Health & Safety (other Unifii Operations Cloud Suites include Compliance Management, Operations Management, ESG Management, Action Management and Business Intelligence.

  • Provide a single source of truth for demonstration of compliance with legal and other requirements.

We understand the implementation of an H&S management system is a critical long term strategic and operational decision for your organisation. Our promise is technology solution that supports your leadership, commitment, and participation from all levels and functions of the organisation to provide a safe working environment for all you people and business stakeholders.


Incident Management

The effective management of incidents enables your company to prevent recurrence, recognise weaknesses in safety systems, demonstrate commitment to improvement of safety performance and involve employees.

The Unifii Operations Cloud H&S Suite provides a digital solution for the management of all stages of an incident. The incident management solution enables you to report and where appropriate investigate any incident that could have (near misses) or did result in harm. Not limited to safety incidents, our incident management module allows a single place to capture and record any incident.


Hazard Management

Best practice organisations have established processes for hazard identification that are ongoing and proactive. Unifii Operations Cloud H&S Suite provides a hazard management process that is designed to be utilised where hazards happen.

Hazards can be directly entered in the hazard report form, including attaching photos to the hazard record, and submitted to allow assessment of the hazard and appropriate action. The solution eliminates the need for paper-based hazard reporting and real-time visibility of hazards.

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Risk Management

Unifii Operations Cloud H&S suite risk module offers a configurable methodology that considers your organisations criteria for the assessment of H&S risks to enable the proactive rather than reactive management of risk. Proactive management of risk creates the opportunity to enhance H&S performance by adapting how work is organised, how work is done and the work environment workers, finding opportunities to eliminate hazards and reduce H&S risks; and find opportunities to improve the H&S management system.

in line with ISO45001 our solution allows you to establish, implement, and maintain a system and process(es) to assess H&S risks from the identified hazards and other safety processes such as incident investigations, and determine and assess the other risks related to the ongoing operation of the organisation.

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Injury Management

During the management of the incident lifecycle, there are 2 essential focuses:

  • Care of person

  • Learning from what happened

Within Unifii Operations Cloud the incident management workflow captures the incident triggering the investigation workflow to learn from the incident and determine if there were injuries associated with the incident. Our Injury Management workflow ensures you can securely manage all the information associated with an injured worker, including injury assessment, rehab planning and case management to support, where required workers compensation claims (module excludes integration with 3rd party workers compensation solutions).

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Safety Interactions

Behavioural Safety Interactions are one of the most powerful safety tools you can implement. Leaders talking to their people about safety in the workplace reinforces safe behaviours, builds culture, demonstrates commitment and identifies opportunities for improvement. They also generate an enormous amount of valuable data that can help identify trends and insights as to what to work on. The challenge is capturing this data and generating insights in real time to let you maximise the benefit of your safety interaction program.

Unifii Operations Cloud solves this problem providing you a truly mobile first safety interaction tool that can be used by all leaders in all parts of your business to capture, process and generate insights from your safety interaction program.


Activity Planner

The operation of your business requires you to carry out activities that are intended to assist you to mitigate, manage the risk to create a safe workplace and engage and involve your workforce to deliver continuous improvement, health, safety, and business outcomes. These activities range from monthly safety committee meetings, monthly inspections, audits, health checks. These activities are largely structured to manage the risk in your business.

Unifii Operations Cloud Health and Safety Activity Planner allows you to keep track of your H&S activities across your organisation's different units and locations, you need a tool that can help you plan, monitor and report on them effectively.