Action Management

Responsibility and Accountability for all parts of your enterprise driven by native Action Management technology built into every Unifii Solution.

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Identifying areas for improvement might be the easy part, but the real challenge is to effectively manage the follow-through - crafting, monitoring, and confirming those crucial actions that enforce responsibility and accountability and bring about real change.

That's precisely where Action Management becomes a key enabling solution, and it's a core feature of Unifii Operations Cloud.

Imagine having the power to generate action items from any workflow process and track them until they're not only completed, but verified. That's what Unifii Operations Cloud brings to the table. It ensures that processes like incident investigations are not considered closed until every action has been taken and the desired change is visible in the business operations.

And the best part? Our action tracker integrates seamlessly with any workflow, making it a staple in all our ready-to-go solutions.

Ditch the clutter of emails and the maze of spreadsheets for tracking progress. With Unifii Operations Cloud's Action Tracker, you have a unified platform that simplifies managing improvements—whether it's mitigating risks, eliminating hazards, enforcing controls, or following through on actions from incidents, inspections, audits, and other critical business processes. It's the streamlined, proactive approach to ensuring your business doesn't just plan improvements but actually achieves them.

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Single Point

Single point of reference to proactively manage action items from critical business processes.

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Create Track Verify

Create, track, and verify completion of actions to ensure improvements happen.

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Action Tracker Workflow

Action tracker works with any Unifii Operations Cloud digital workflow.