Unifii Operations Cloud is designed for flexibility, agility and speed

Software comes with a bunch of features "baked in", which means that you don't get to choose the workflows and processes that suit your industry and your enterprise. Unifii serves dozens of industries, at scale, with customisation through configuration that ensures that the solution perfectly matches your needs - from the design of the workflows through to the field names and user experience.

Here are just a few examples of industries that we serve, with capabilities that are perfectly matched to the business, technical and operational needs of each enterprise.



Manufacturing enterprises require precision, accurate timing and accountability in every business process and workflow. Unifii delivers operational risk management and operational excellence to manufacturing enterprises, where efficiency is of the utmost importance and cost control is a critical component of profitability.



The mining sector is a high risk industry, where risk and safety management are critical and regulatory oversight is extremely strict. Unifii helps mining enterprises to minimise their operational risk while maximising efficiency while providing industry-leading reporting and business intelligence from incident management through to ESG and GRC. Unifii Operations Cloud delivers over 150 metrics to ensure that every aspect of the operation is visible, accountable and properly reported.



Large-scale retail business face an extraordinary array of risks. Retailers are often property developers and owners, with very large, workforces which include permanent, part time and contracted people as well as third party contracting companies. They operate in public-facing places where there is a constant liability risks. Unifii Operations Cloud provides the perfect platform to scale across an unlimited number of sites, where all types of work can be regulated and managed, and risk processes can be deployed to every single stakeholder, including staff, contractors and third parties. Unifii Operations Cloud can regulate every aspect of the safety management ecosystem, as well as providing fully integrated contractor, asset and vendor management that talks seamlessly with your ERP system. No other platform can match Unifii Operations Cloud for retail applications.


Transport & Logistics

Transport and logistics companies navigate a complex landscape of operational risks, essential to manage for maintaining efficiency, safety, and profitability. Key risks include Supply Chain Disruptions, Regulatory Compliance, Transportation Incidents, Environmental Risks, Quality Control Failures, Health and Safety Risks, and Contractual Liabilities.

Unifii Operations Cloud can manage all of these risks in a single platform, with deployable information and workflows that can reach every employee, contractor, 3rd Party Logistics company and the public. With everyone connected, risks can be managed in real time, with instant alerting to senior management as well as automated reporting for GRC and ESG.


Heavy Industry

Heavy industries face a range of operational risks stemming from their reliance on large-scale machinery, hazardous materials, and complex processes. Managing these risks is critical to safeguarding workers, the environment, and the financial stability of the business.

Safety and health hazards, environmental risks and regulatory compliance are among the most important risks to be managed in heavy industries and Unifii Operations Cloud addresses these risks using a multi-faceted approach that enables large-scale data collection from every part of the enterprise, while connecting every worker, and driving safer behaviour. Our platform is also an extremely capable Operational Excellence tool which can uncover inefficiency and poor work practices to help build a safer, more efficient and profitable enterprise.


Banking & Finance

The banking and finance industries are facing increased regulatory, financial and reputational risks as well as threats from new entrants. Managing operational risk, and compliance while driving operational efficiency is a key capability of Unifii Operations Cloud.

Unifii has helped large scale Tier-1 banks and financial services enterprises to radically improve their operational efficiency, eliminating entrenched reliance on manual processes, spreadsheets and email to create news was to regulate the flow of data around the enterprise. We’ve slashed processing times, eliminated data loss and inefficiency and delivered vastly superior outcomes for customers, partners and regulators.


Property & Construction

Unifii Operations Cloud offers unprecedented opportunities for property and construction companies to enhance their risk management, regulatory compliance, and operating efficiency. We provide the ability to get information and workflows to every place it’s needed – in a truck, on top of a crane or in the project manager’s office.

Unifii provides a completely integrated approach to information management that connects all your critical front-line facing processes together with a common data architecture for real-time reporting and analysis. Leading indicators can warn project leaders of impending risks, but you can’t generate leading indicators if you can’t get real-time data from every single part of your enterprise. Unifii Operations Cloud comprehensively solves this problem.