An introduction to Unifii Operations Cloud

The world’s most advanced ecosystem to manage all of your operational risks and related business processes.

Unifii Operations Cloud provides any medium to large scale enterprise with a rapid, scalable and secure way to:

  • transform the ability to collect, manage and report operational risk data, all the way from the front-line workers to the Board.

  • provide unprecedented information distribution and workflow management capability to operational areas of the business.

  • bring all front-line workers, including employees, contractors and 3rd parties, into a regulated information and workflow management system.

  • facilitate advanced data visualisation and business intelligence for every part of the business.

  • enable rapid design, deployment and implementation of new business applications and processes.

  • connect existing systems and data siloes together, unlocking and creating new value for the enterprise.

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How most enterprises operate today

In most companies, operations are managed using a collection of disconnected point solutions that have functional boundaries set in stone. These point solutions do what they were designed to do and nothing more, regardless of whether the software matches your requirements or business needs.

However, the information and insights you need to manage risk and improve your business are typically found across the boundaries of these point solutions. The challenge you face is then a never-ending effort to collect, cleanse, and analyze data using tools that aren’t fit for purpose, such as paper-based processes, email, and central document repositories.

This effort distracts from the core function of your operation, which is to produce and deliver your company’s products and services.

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The Bifurcated Enterprise

Most enterprises are divided into two parts: above the imaginary line are all the parts of the business that require desk-based work, like finance and accounting, sales, HR, legal, marketing, and procurement. Below the line sits operations, where it’s mainly physical work away from desks, cubicles, and offices.

Desk-based workers have benefited from 50 years of computer technology. Everyone has a computer on their desk and software systems to manage all the required business processes. However, below the line, operational workers, particularly where there is physical work, are almost always operating without the benefit of technology to manage the day-to-day workflows and business processes. While there is advanced technology used in point solutions, the majority of workers, contractors, and third parties do not have access to technology and so have to rely on paper-based workflows and email.

Unifii Operations Cloud is a unified system that brings the advantages that desk-based workers have enjoyed for decades to Operations. It connects everyone, all the time, and integrates systems, workflows, and data into a single platform. This ensures that the right information is available to the right people at the right time. The platform also seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems, guaranteeing the flow of data back into mission-critical systems for control, analysis, and reporting, such as ERP.

Unifii Operations Cloud offers user-friendly interfaces that are accessible on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, ruggedized handhelds, and intrinsically safe units. The platform is so intuitive that no training is required, which significantly reduces change management time and costs.

The future with Unifii Operations Cloud

Every part of your operation brought together in a single platform, to drive operational excellence, risk management and value creation

Imagine a single, unified system that enables you to combine the principles of Operational Excellence with digital transformation, while seamlessly integrating with your existing IT systems. Unifii Operations Cloud drives business improvement across all your areas of operation, providing advanced HSE and operational risk management capability, vastly improved GRC compliance, enhanced access to contractor, vendor and asset data and workflows that can reach every part of your enterprise.

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Unifii Operations Cloud Solution Suites

Unifii Operations Cloud Solution suites provide a configurable starting point for standard business processes based on industry best practices taking advantage of Unifii technology and capabilities. These suites allow you to rapidly configure the business processes to match your organisation so you can work how you want to work, not be force to work how the solution defines.

Custom solutions suites

Unifii Operations Cloud offers a vast library of off-the-shelf capabilities and customisation solutions that allow you to create solutions for the most extreme edge-cases. This dramatically extends the capabilities of your ERP and other IT systems to your employee and contractor workforce, wherever they may be, regardless of their operating context.

This means unprecedented access to data, workflows, and business processes in the field, eliminating the need for paper and offline processes and delivering real-time data back to the enterprise, wherever it’s needed.

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A solution to precisely match your business challenges


Solve for every edge case.

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Reach workers in any operating context.