Our Vision

We seek a safer, more efficient, and less wasteful world in which people’s lives are improved by connecting, enabling and empowering them with technology.


Our Mission

We build connected enterprises, in which people, processes and technology are brought together in a single unified ecosystem and agility, efficiency and speed drive vastly improved outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our History

In 2010, Apple released the first iPad. It occurred to us, after decades spent in the enterprise technology industry, that glass screens would transform the way that people connected to computers. At the time, almost no enterprises could take advantage of glass screen technology like tablets and smartphones, so we started Unifii to fill this critical gap.

Not only did glass screens completely rewrite the language of the computer interface with gestures, swipes and taps instead of mice and keyboards, they also provided an entirely new way for users to interact with information, untethered from the desktop and the office.

Enterprises have always struggled to solve the "last mile" problem, that is, how do you connect your field workers directly to your IT systems rather than asking them to head into an office and use a desk-based computer. If you could solve the "last mile" problem you could deploy workflows and business processes right out into the field, wherever the worker was, in any operating context. We set about the task of inventing a host of new technologies that would solve these problems.

To do this, we needed to solve a bunch of problems simultaneously including exceptional user experience design, advanced functionality and reliability on glass screen devices, a way to collect, route, analyse and report data collected in the field, and bi-directional integration into enterprise IT systems such as ERP.

Unifii Operations Cloud is the culmination of a decade of Research and Development, advanced system design and exceptional software engineering. Every line of code was written by our engineers in Australia and we have created a world-leading cloud-based platform that is delivering significant cost savings, improved efficiency, better risk management and vastly improved reporting for our tier-one enterprise customers.

Unifii also provides our enterprise clients with world-class consulting services covering digital transformation, operational risk management, and operational excellence.