We are a little bit different at Unifii.

We are a people business with outstanding skills spanning technology, operational excellence and business improvement.

Unlike traditional software companies, we obsess over delivering real business outcomes, not the technology itself. Our solutions are based on decades of best-practice Operational Excellence and Business Improvement experience. We used that expertise and experience to design and build the world's best platform for operational excellence and business improvement, building in the agility, flexibility and power that traditional software can't deliver.

We believe that trying to wrestle your business to fit a piece of software makes no sense. After all, the people who designed the software know nothing about the unique problems and requirements that your business and people face. We don't "bake in" a bunch of design assumptions that ignore your real business needs.

Our unique Business Improvement System reverses the normal approach to digital transformation. Most projects start with a set of software capabilities, IT system requirements, and operational resource requirements and constraints which are then used to deliver a business system. This may or may not achieve the required business outcomes and often leads to process gaps, reliance on paper processes and excel and a system that cannot cross functional boundaries.

The Unifii approach, used on more than 450 Business Improvement programs for large scale enterprises, STARTS with the desired business outcomes and works backwards through the process. By approaching transformation and business improvement in this way, we use the required business outcomes as the benchmark and standard against which the quality and suitability of every decision is measured.

To effectively manage risk you need to be able to connect all the elements of your business that contribute to the risk.

Organisations never manage operational components in complete isolation from one another, so why would you design a technology solution that forces you to separate business processes and workflows into different, unrelated silos?

Enterprises must holistically manage risk across functionally boundaries and extend their ability to pro-actively manage risk. This can only be done by bridging functional areas and integrating data management, workflow and business process systems.

For example, it should be possible to generate a maintenance request from within a hazard report, and ensure that contractors are competent and fully compliant prior to being able to sign into a site. Traditional software approaches prevent this.

The Unifii Way – Our Methodology for Solution Design, Configuration and Deployment.

1. Discovery Phase – Define and document the business outcomes that must be enabled.

Develop a mutual understanding of all the relevant business and user contexts. Conduct an analysis of the operating environments and user behaviours (including current constraints, choke points, process gaps etc). Define the existing technical infrastructure. Prepare inputs to strategic solution design and deployment approach.

2. Solution Design.

The solution that we design together will include all the digital processes, workflows, business processes, integration points and data sources, data handling schema, technical specification and scope, stakeholder maps and other sundry considerations. We will define with you a deployment road map, from which the solution investment will be provided. Keep in mind that we will always take an agile approach to solution design and implementation that will allow us to make rapid changes that reflect new information discovered during user acceptance testing and roll-out. We DO NOT use a waterfall methodology.

3. Configure and Deploy.

Unifii Operations Cloud provides suites of off-the-shelf Health and Safety modules, and within each module a set of template workflows. We combine out-of-box capabilities with configuration to create the digital processes and workflows that will meet your business needs. Based on the agreed deployment roadmap, each workflow is then configured, tested to gain input of users, signed off and deployed. This approach allows us to rapidly deploy solutions into the business, and where required for complex processes identify improvements in the field, iterate the configuration and redeploy. This stage can also be used to develop in-house capability for the Unifii Operations Cloud.

4. Maintain and Improve.

All Unifii Operations Cloud workflows are designed (assumes Unifii Operations Cloud is fully implemented) to be capable of rapid improvement and redeployment as your business changes, whether that be as a result of user feedback, business improvements or changes in the external and/or regulatory environment.

Exceptionally Clever Design.

Every component engineered to deliver results, confidence and improve the enterprise

The architecture of Unifii Operations Cloud builds on five decades of enterprise technology and brings fundamental improvement to the way that work is performed, managed and measured. We designed our platform to work seamlessly with your existing systems like ERP, HRM, authentication and business intelligence tools. Unifii doesn’t replace these systems, it improves them by reaching the parts of your enterprise they don’t reach.

No More Bits of Paper.

And no More Reliance on Spreadsheets and Email to Manage Critical Risk.

Almost every enterprise still uses paper to record critical data. Not only is this inefficient, it means that most of your important data never makes its way into your reporting system, leading to massive gaps in your understanding of the real risk in your enterprise. Even worse, spreadsheets become the stop-gap and spreadsheets are a terrible way to regulate workflow and data. Unifii Operations Cloud digitises every stage of every workflow, eliminating paper and spreadsheets and creating instant access to data and reporting.


It’s all about the people.

To manage risk, you need quality data in real-time from your people. But if your systems are not easy for your people to use, they won’t. And if people don’t use your systems, you can't get the quality data you need to take action to manage risks.

At Unifii, we make sure our solutions work for the people who use them in the environment they work in.


No more point solutions.

Enterprises often have point solutions to solve specific business problems. But most often, these solutions are standalone and don’t talk to the next piece, leading to process gaps, poor workflow, and no access to critical data.

Unifii Operations Cloud allows you to create workflows with engaging user interfaces where you need them. It also allows you to integrate across processes to create richer insights. With Unifii, you can move away from the need to keep buying point solutions.


Rapidly iterate your solutions.

We understand that your business changes fast and you need your solutions to keep up. That’s why we built the most advanced low-code engine to make the design and deployment of workflows and digital business processes rapid and easy.

You can use one of the hundreds of “out of the box” solutions, or build a new one from scratch.

Every solution is designed to integrate with your existing systems and platforms and will run perfectly on all types of user devices, allowing you to keep up with the changing needs in your business.