Collect, Store, Analyse and Report. Seamlessly. Automatically. Reliably.

Unifii Operations Cloud allows you to capture and process data that you can trust to generate the insights you need to transform your business.


Unifii Operations Cloud is built from the ground up to be a powerhouse for Reporting and Business Intelligence.

It's all about giving organizations like yours the keys to unlock the data you need, and then turning it into actionable insights. This way, the right people get the right information exactly when they need it to make those pivotal decisions.

When it comes to reporting, our goal is to help you move from just looking at numbers to actually making informed decisions based on reliable data and forward-looking insights. Think less about counting the incidents after they've happened, and more about ensuring you're on top of things like risk control measures in real time.

We get it; one size doesn't fit all. That's why we're not about boxing you into pre-made reports. We understand you have your unique ways of digesting information and specific needs for your role.

With Unifii Operations Cloud, it's about bringing together customizable workflows to capture exactly the data you're after, integrating different systems to fill those annoying gaps between them, and ensuring you have access to real-time data ready that can be leveraged with business intelligence tools.

It's how we make sure you're equipped with the insights you need, exactly when and how you need them.


Capture & Process Data

Configure and Integrate workflows to ensure you have all the data you need, designed specifically to meet your business requirements, and designed for ease of use. This drives improvement in the quality of your data so that you can produce high quality insights, in real time.


Native Unifii Reports

Unifii out-of-the-box Reporting and Analytics provide you with clear, easy-to-read reports for each workflow in your solution. We have a library of ready-to-go reports or we can work with you to configure the reports that you need.


Powerful Dashboards

Unifii recognises that each business has unique reporting requirements. Whether you use our out-of-the-box dashboards, configure an entirely new one which is fit for your purpose, or integrate with your favourite Business Intelligence tools to create your own, advanced dashboards, Unifii is an advanced platform for data analytics that can drive real-time reporting and uncover powerful new insights.